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Welcome to EM DIP pro team

We are a metal working company with years of experience and with extraordinary team

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About us

We are in metalworking business for over 30 years and in that time we produced big variety of products and earned a lot of experience. In last 10 years our main focus were pressure vessels and upgrading production process behind it. All our welders are certificated and company itself is certificated for pressure vessels production.

Some of our products

We produce big variety of steel products all custom built according to our customers design and needs.

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Pressure vessel

Biggest part of our production is production of pressure vessels with maximum pressure of 110 bar and minimum working temperature of -40 degrees.

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Crane wheels

Production of new crane wheels and reparation of used wheels.

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Lifting hooks

We produce custom and specialized lifting hooks for industrial production.

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Valve protection caps

We produce several types of valve protection caps, different types offer different design and uses for caps.

Machines and services

CNC Orbital cutting and opening of pipes

Pipe diameter from 50mm to 610mm

Pipe wall thickness from 5mm to 30mm

Bevel cutting up to 45 degrees angle


CNC cutting machine

Our CNC cutting machine is dual mode plasma and oxi. Working table dimensions are 6x2m and maximal material thickness is 130mm.


MIG/MAG welding

We employ welders with many years of experience and they are all certificated to perform MIG/MAG welding for pressure vessels.


TIG welding

In pressure vessels production process our certified TIG welders provide necessary quality that is required for such products.


SAW welding

We have three automated SAW welding machines on which our certified welders perform welding for pressure vessels and other specialized parts.


CNC Turning

On our CNC turning machine we are able to perform precise machining combined with speed of CNC machine.


Cold forming

We are able to perform cold forming of many different types, rolling, bending, forming, punching and more.


Painting chamber

Our painting chamber is allowing us to create perfect conditions, such as temperature and airflow, that will guarantee quality painting.


Sandblasting chamber

Our products are sandblasted to ensure best preparation for any kind of anti corrosion protection.


Some of our CLIENTS


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location_on Address - Čuburska 9/L2, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

phone Phone - +381 (0)11 407 4196

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Production plant

location_on Address - Šalinačka bb, 11300 Smederevo, Srbija

phone Phone - +381 (0)26 642 180

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